Thursday, February 14, 2008

First party & prize drawing!

We had our first Blue 2.0 get-together/party/Q&A/prize drawing yesterday afternoon. Several Blue participants showed up to eat food....

talk about our experiences so far, and choose the first winner in our incentive prize drawings! The names of all Blue 2.0 participants who were currently on-schedule were put in a basket, and Shawn drew our winner:

Congratulations to Christina Zavos, who won a $50 restaurant gift certificate!

[Christina was unable to attend the party, but we're sure she was just this happy when she found out that she won!]

So stay on schedule and get ready for our next drawing, Tuesday, March 18, 10:00, when the prize will be an iPod shuffle. Good luck, everyone!

[BTW, someone left brown gloves at the party. They are being held for ransom in Beth's cube. Complete the next modules or the gloves are a gonner!]


wednesdayperson said...

Sorry to have missed the party, but I was thrilled to find out that I won (as you can see in the picture). I'm looking forward to spending the entire thing on alcohol just as soon as I am no longer pregnant. Thanks for organizing all of this Blue 2.0 stuff, guys. It's been really fun and educational.

historiana said...

I'm glad you commented on this tremendous Blue 2.0 moment! Since I had missed out on the baby news, the wednesday people thing went over my head and I never could find your blog. Congrats on both memorable events and good luck holding the coupon for alcohol...the closer you get to the end, $50 worth of crazy food combinations may be too much of a temptation!