Monday, December 31, 2007

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The Blue 2.0 Blogs are up and running! Remember, Blue 2.0 is collaborative, so feel free to visit and comment in each other's blogs. You may be able to give some help or get some help!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nice Spare!

What a terrific turnout we had at the Blue 2.0 kickoff party on Monday, December 17. In addition to enjoying pizza and signing up for our training program, we had a blast playing video games.

Wii bowling was a huge draw. What a talented bunch of staff--I'm thinking we should start a league!

Unfortunately our Wii boxing photos all turned out blurry. I suppose there was just too much action for our camera to accurately capture things.

We did have a great time, and I look forward to working with everyone on our Blue 2.0 learning activities starting in January.


These brave folks have signed up to participate in Blue 2.0, starting up in January 2008. Want to add your name to the list??? Contact any member of the Blue 2.0 work group (marked in blue below). If you're not a UK Libraries person, you can still play along! We can't add your name to the drawings for fabulous prizes, but we'd love to have you join us!

Blue 2.0 participants (psst! If your name is misspelled or missing, please let us know!)
  • Jen Bartlett (AIM: jenbart2068)
  • Sarah Glassmeyer (AIM: sarahglassmeyer)
  • Stacey Greenwell (AIM: buffybot27)
  • Shawn Livingston (AIM: bunheadlex)
  • Beth Kraemer (AIM: bigliblady)
  • Daniel Naas
  • Jeff "Podge" Rion
  • Crystal Heis
  • Jo Staggs-Neel
  • Sue Smith
  • Chris Lundy
  • Benjamin T. Hall
  • Marie Dale
  • Alice Wasielewski
  • Bev Hilton
  • Kopana Terry
  • Kathryn Lybarger
  • Martha David
  • Eric Weig
  • Mary Beth Thomson
  • Kate Seago
  • Kazuko Hioki
  • Judy Sackett
  • Mary Spencer
  • Peggy Phillips
  • Heather Cooper
  • Michelle Cosby
  • Patsy Carruthers
  • Carol Diedrichs
  • Clay Gaunce
  • Faith Harders
  • Lalana Powell
  • Sarah Vaughn
  • Lyndsey Calico
  • Sharon Clark
  • Terri Brown
  • Miranda Hines
  • Jennifer Mattern
  • Marsha Seamans
  • Benita Clarke :-)
  • Valerie Perry
  • Patty Hornback
  • Susan Daole
  • Jan Carver
  • Laura Whayne
  • Victoria Brock
  • Shell Dunn
  • Cliff Sullivan
  • Mary Vaughn
  • R.F. Jones
  • Sherree Osborne :)
  • Amy Osborne
  • Teresa Burgett
  • Christina Zavos
  • Alex Grigg
  • Rita Tobin
  • Peter Hesseldenz
  • Kerri Baunach
  • Krista King
  • Debbie Sharp
  • Tanya Reeves
  • Courtney Crepeau
  • Donna Bruszewski
  • Mary McLaren
  • Pat Wilson
  • James Sparks
  • Ashley Creek
  • Kelly Vickery
  • Tari Keller
  • Eeva Hoch
  • Nancy Lewis
  • Gail Kennedy
  • Cheri Daniels
  • Julene Jones
  • Cindy Parker
  • Adrianne Phillips
  • Sharon Ross
  • Gwen Curtis
  • Toni Greider
  • Laura Hall
  • Judy Wiza
  • Kathryne LeFevre
  • Meg Shaw
  • Trina Altman
  • Amanda Williams
  • Laura Davison
  • Becky Ryder
  • Bob Crovo
  • Lynne Bowman
  • Kitty Taylor
  • Mary Geyer
  • Jeff Miller
  • Mary Molinaro
  • Carla Cantagallo
  • Jeff Suchanek
  • Janet Stith
  • Rick Brewer
  • Tag Heister
  • Dee Wood
  • Ryan Valentin
  • Susan Foster-Harper
  • Karen Zeibak
  • Heather Petsche
  • Carolyn Sears
  • Amelie Charron
  • Jesse Brasher
  • Roxanna Jones
  • Charlott Bramwell
  • Thomas Schneider
  • Margie Plarr

Kick-off party!

The Blue 2.0 kick-off party was a smash hit! We had pizza, games, treats, and a bunch of people signed up to participate in the Blue 2.0 program. I think Blue 2.0 is off to a great start!

We had lots of people sign up!

The dean checks out the basketball competition.

An anxious crowd awaits Wii set-up.

The Halo competition gets intense....

Beth tries to figure out how to work the @#$%@$^% controller.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Blue 2.0: Twelve Weeks to a Connected Library

What is it?

Blue 2.0 is a self-discovery learning program based on the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County "23 Things" program. Participating library staff learn to use new and emerging technologies, such as blogging, social networking and other "Learning 2.0" applications through experimentation.

These technologies will give the libraries other methods of communication with our students and faculty that are used by some of them already. We will be able to apply these technologies to library activities and services to stay up to date with the expectations of our users.

So how does it work?

We will explore a set of related technologies during six two-week blocks, for a total of twelve weeks of program time. A coordinating team of experts has customized this learning experience for the UK Libraries.

Participants will be given introductory materials to explore resources and try each application at your own pace. You will have "assignments" that encourage exploration and allow you to demonstrate what you have discovered about each topic!

Local experts will serve as support throughout the 12 weeks of program. In addition, we will all gather for periodic show & tell and support sessions (with coffee and cookies, of course.)

Everyone in the library system is encouraged to participate.

Did somebody say prizes?

Everyone who completes the 12-week program on time will be eligible fo ra drawing for our grand prize: An iPod!

In addition, there will be other drawings throughout the program for smaller prizes. Everyone who is on schedule will be eligible.

Everyone who completes the program will be recognized in April during the Staff Appreciation Event. You will also receive a snazzy certificate of completion to include in your file.

The Topics We're Covering

Weeks 1 & 2 (Jan. 14 - Jan. 27, 2008)
Chat and blog

Weeks 3 & 4 (Jan. 28 - Feb. 10, 2008)
RSS, newsreaders and wikis

Weeks 5 & 6 (Feb. 11 - Feb. 24, 2008)
Tagging and Online Applications

Weeks 7 & 8 (Feb. 25 - Mar. 9, 2008)
Play week!

Weeks 9 & 10 (Mar. 10 - Mar. 23, 2008)
Photos, video and podcasting

Weeks 11 & 12 (Mar. 24 - Apr. 6)
Social networking