Tuesday, December 18, 2007


These brave folks have signed up to participate in Blue 2.0, starting up in January 2008. Want to add your name to the list??? Contact any member of the Blue 2.0 work group (marked in blue below). If you're not a UK Libraries person, you can still play along! We can't add your name to the drawings for fabulous prizes, but we'd love to have you join us!

Blue 2.0 participants (psst! If your name is misspelled or missing, please let us know!)
  • Jen Bartlett (AIM: jenbart2068)
  • Sarah Glassmeyer (AIM: sarahglassmeyer)
  • Stacey Greenwell (AIM: buffybot27)
  • Shawn Livingston (AIM: bunheadlex)
  • Beth Kraemer (AIM: bigliblady)
  • Daniel Naas
  • Jeff "Podge" Rion
  • Crystal Heis
  • Jo Staggs-Neel
  • Sue Smith
  • Chris Lundy
  • Benjamin T. Hall
  • Marie Dale
  • Alice Wasielewski
  • Bev Hilton
  • Kopana Terry
  • Kathryn Lybarger
  • Martha David
  • Eric Weig
  • Mary Beth Thomson
  • Kate Seago
  • Kazuko Hioki
  • Judy Sackett
  • Mary Spencer
  • Peggy Phillips
  • Heather Cooper
  • Michelle Cosby
  • Patsy Carruthers
  • Carol Diedrichs
  • Clay Gaunce
  • Faith Harders
  • Lalana Powell
  • Sarah Vaughn
  • Lyndsey Calico
  • Sharon Clark
  • Terri Brown
  • Miranda Hines
  • Jennifer Mattern
  • Marsha Seamans
  • Benita Clarke :-)
  • Valerie Perry
  • Patty Hornback
  • Susan Daole
  • Jan Carver
  • Laura Whayne
  • Victoria Brock
  • Shell Dunn
  • Cliff Sullivan
  • Mary Vaughn
  • R.F. Jones
  • Sherree Osborne :)
  • Amy Osborne
  • Teresa Burgett
  • Christina Zavos
  • Alex Grigg
  • Rita Tobin
  • Peter Hesseldenz
  • Kerri Baunach
  • Krista King
  • Debbie Sharp
  • Tanya Reeves
  • Courtney Crepeau
  • Donna Bruszewski
  • Mary McLaren
  • Pat Wilson
  • James Sparks
  • Ashley Creek
  • Kelly Vickery
  • Tari Keller
  • Eeva Hoch
  • Nancy Lewis
  • Gail Kennedy
  • Cheri Daniels
  • Julene Jones
  • Cindy Parker
  • Adrianne Phillips
  • Sharon Ross
  • Gwen Curtis
  • Toni Greider
  • Laura Hall
  • Judy Wiza
  • Kathryne LeFevre
  • Meg Shaw
  • Trina Altman
  • Amanda Williams
  • Laura Davison
  • Becky Ryder
  • Bob Crovo
  • Lynne Bowman
  • Kitty Taylor
  • Mary Geyer
  • Jeff Miller
  • Mary Molinaro
  • Carla Cantagallo
  • Jeff Suchanek
  • Janet Stith
  • Rick Brewer
  • Tag Heister
  • Dee Wood
  • Ryan Valentin
  • Susan Foster-Harper
  • Karen Zeibak
  • Heather Petsche
  • Carolyn Sears
  • Amelie Charron
  • Jesse Brasher
  • Roxanna Jones
  • Charlott Bramwell
  • Thomas Schneider
  • Margie Plarr


Kathryn Lybarger said...

Good morning!

Jan said...

Good morning to one and all!!!

A beautiful morning with just a few snow flakes.

Kathryn Lybarger said...

Oops, I forgot to mention that my blog is at http://zemkat.blogspot.com/.

Also, my AIM screen name is Zemkat.

ms said...

my blog is at http://harlanhubbard.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone! I have two blogs: the work-related (and up-to-date) technology180 at http://technology180.wordpress.com/ and the personal (and stale) patsycat scratches at http://patsycat.wordpress.com/
-Patsy Carruthers

Anonymous said...

Oops - I didn't realize I needed a little html to make those URLs "clickable. Let's try again:

And my AIM screen name is patsycat01

-Patsy Carruthers

Benita Clarke said...

Hello everybody,

Setting up the blog was easy and fun. Here is the link to my blog:


Have a great day!

Sarah Glassmeyer said...

Hello! I'll be blogging my Blue 2.0 at: http://connectedsarah.blogspot.com/ and my AIM screen name is sarahglassmeyer

Benita Clarke said...

Hello again,

My AIM screen name is:


Nancy Lewis said...

My blog

stacey.greenwell said...

Welcome to Blue 2.0 everyone!





Beth said...

Hi everyone and welcome to Blue 2.0! I have never had my own blog before, but I just created one this morning. It's a snap. If I can do it, you can do it!



Anonymous said...

It's still morning--so I add my good morning greeting along with the others. My blog is at http://terriBlue2.blogspot.com/ I freely admit to being a virgin blogger, so be gentle.

Benjamin said...

Hi everyone. My blog is at http://hallbenjamin.blogspot.com/.

crys said...


I set up my blog a couple of months ago and I'm still getting used to the nuts and bolts of it.


Susan Foster-Harper said...

I am, therefore I blog.


Susan Foster-Harper said...

... and my identity on AIM is SusanUKMedical...

LibBlue said...

Here's my blog

Kasclar said...

Hi!! I've had a blog for a year and a half, roughly. I've created a post on it to use for this 12 week activity. You can see it at:

I've added a label to the post that will make it easy to click and get all the posts about Blue 2.0 stuff together.

Feel free to explore the rest of the site if you choose, but it has nothing to do with Library work.

My AIM name is: kasclar33 (I hardly use this)

My MSN instant messaging account (my preferance) is: kasclar@qx.net

Bunheadky said...

Well now it is good afternoon. My blog is Librarian, Guns and Books at http://librariansgunsbooks.blogspot.com

My AIM name is bunheadlex

scubadude said...

Well, here I am and I have no idea what I'm doing :) Who said old dogs can't learn new tricks.

Kate said...

My new blog is http://librarychats.blogspot.com/

I haven't a clue yet what to put on it!

Tag said...

Is it possile to already be confused? Maybe you cannot teach old dogs/cats new tricks. Oh, maybe that's it! I'm a cat. They are resistent to being taught!

DebbieDutchess said...

Big Howdy Everyone, this is my blog spot named after Zemkat's magnetic puppy.

Peggy said...

Good afternoon,

It is almost time for everyone to go home (or past time for some).

my blog is at


My AIM is yeahcamp

Krista said...

Hey ya!

Check it yo - my blog:


& my AIM name:


the_little_librarian_that_could said...

Alice W. just made a great point..."more people will probably read it if you make it 'click-able'..."

Let's see if I remember my html tags...here's my blog address again:

My So Called SLIS

Alice said...

Hello. I've created my very first blog EVER:

Learning to Ride in the Bluegrass

Ash said...

Okay, my blog is up and going:
The Tongue-Tied Writer.

And my AIM screenname is OnlySupernova.

Alice said...

On AIM, you can find me under:


18 said...

Better late than never - even when late is past my bedtime. Ye 'ole blog is created! FUN!!!! you can find me at http://kopanabanana.blogspot.com/

illiadgal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
illiadgal said...

Apparently I left my earlier comment in the wrong place. *head/desk*

My blog is:


My AIM screen name is:


-Amanda Williams

Carla said...

Hello All,

My blog is at:


This is fun!

Beth said...

Unfortunately, the comment utility in Blogger doesn't automatically create links in URLs included with comments. If you do know HTML, you can add links manually. But it's really not necessary. For non-linked URLs, just copy/paste the URL to your browser!

batllo said...

Good morning everyone. My blog is at http://greenepage.blogspot.com/
It has ideas from the libraries green group committee on how to help make the libraries more green. If you have ideas, we would love to hear them. Please share them with us there.

terriblue said...

Hi all

My AIM is terricirc

talk to me

Sparks9532 said...

Hello all

Cindy said...

Hi Everyone,

My AIM name is C1962S

my blog is found at


Jen Bartlett said...

Hi all,

Wow, only three days into Blue 2.0 and there are already 28 blogs (as of this morning). Great job! I almost hate to include a link to my own Lame Blog, but here 'tis. My AIM screen name is jenbart2068.

Just a wee reminder -- if you post your blogname as "Anonymous" or using a nickname, please send me an e-mail letting me know who you are so that I can make sure you get credit for your blog! Sometimes I can puzzle it out, sometimes not. :-D

Mary said...

My very first attempt at creating a blog. The address is: http://earthswonders.blogspot.com.

Mr. Pinkerton said...

Hello Everyone!

I will be working on the content of my blog as time permits. You can view my blog in its infancy at:

Pinkerton's Post


Julene said...

My blog is at http://mj144.blogspot.com and my AIM screenname is laurelbeagle

rubyat said...

Hi, everybody. I'n new at this, very, very new. should be lots of fun. Jo

Patty said...

I have created my Blog. This is a big step for me because I don't usually get into this modern new way of talking.


rubyat said...

I forgot to mention - my blog's at http://rubyatjos.blogspot.com


Valerie said...

Howdy! I finally created a blog called KyAgLibrarian at


but how do you make the link live??

Gwen said...

I can't wait to tell my son that I've got a blog. You can see it at http://kymapref.blogspot.com/
-- Gwen

Jen Bartlett said...

Hi Valerie,

Blogger has a nice short list of helpful HTML codes -- look at the Links section for code you can copy and paste to make your links live. It's also posted in the "Need Help?" section for easier reference. Hope this helps!

TheBookFairy said...

Good afternoon everyone! Don't know what the weather is like because i'm down here in the dungeon...I mean basement. Hope everyone is having a good day.
This is my blog:

TheBookFairy said...

Forgot to add, my AIM name is:

Twiztidangel1973 ( I barely use this one anymore though).

Meier Douglas said...

Please read my blog at


My aim name is Faith Harders

Faith Harders

Mare said...

Hey everyone!

Finally made it. AIM name to follow.

My blog is at:


Kathleen Johnson said...

This is Kathleen Johnson. My screen name is SAASLib and my blog is here:

I live and work in Seattle at a private high school. I would like to participate in Blue 2.0. It's nice to see how much participation you already have.

BTW: I found this program because I had set up a google alert for "library 2.0"

TariBytes said...

Look at me, I'm blogging!

My blog is at http://taribytes.blogspot.com/ .

This is fun. I hope to get the AIM work in this afternoon or tomorrow.


CC said...

Here is mine to add to the list.


Tanya said...

The link to my blog:


Tanya said...

My AIM name:


Gwen said...

I've got my AIM screen name. It's KYMapRef

-- Gwen

Adrianne said...

Here is my blog http://dancingelvis.blogspot.com/

My AIM screen name is adriannerp1

Amy Osborne said...

Good Afternoon,

Kudos to the Web 2.0 Committee for organizing this training.

My blog can found at: http://aosborne.blogspot.com

TariBytes said...

I now have an AIM account. My AIM screen name is tarilib.

Jennifer Mattern said...

Had I known I could have just used my name, I would not have come up with something like Creepy Lady! :)

Go Easy....30 some odd years old and this is my first go at stuff like this, but it looks like a lot of fun.

My blog is at http://creepylady.blogspot.com/

TariBytes said...

What determines the times listed on my postings to my blog? None of them are accurate.

Lynne said...

I have created my first blog, which was pretty simple. At first, I didn't see how to select my template, but I finally clicked on the radio buttons. My blog is named http://lbbowman.blogspot.com

Patty said...

You can find my blog at:


My AIM screen name is pattyahornback.

Lynne said...

I have tried to create my screen name, but the system will not submit it. It indicates that highlighted fields are not filled in when they are. The highlighted fields are alternate email address (which I don't have), country, and zip code. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

cdcline said...


My blog is


It's Friday afternoon and my first attempt at posting didn't work, so I'm trying again.
screen name is cdcline
Cindy Cline

Toni said...

Hi -- My blog is stjerometattler@blogspot.com. It was easy to create and I am looking forward to becoming a blogger. -- Toni

Peter said...

Right now my blog is empty, but soon I will start droppin' wisdom on y'all. Word!


Toni said...

Correction: My blog is http://stjerometattler.blogspot.com. This software is really forgiving because if you click on the address in the message above, it still takes you to the correct blog! It must be designed for people like me.

ILLn'CircBonanza said...

Howdy Library peoples!
Jeff Miller here!!
Blog: http://illncircnlibraryn.blogspot.com/

AIM name: vryodd (very odd without the e... I know... too cool)

Kathleen Johnson said...

I want to pass on this interesting google tech talk video by the author of Glut:

The Web That Wasn't

For most of us who work on the Internet, the Web is all we have ever really known. It's almost impossible to imagine a world without browsers, URLs and HTTP. But in the years leading up to Tim Berners-Lee's world-changing invention, a few visionary information scientists were exploring alternative systems that often bore little resemblance to the Web as we know it today. In this presentation, author and information architect Alex Wright will explore the heritage of these almost-forgotten systems in search of promising ideas left by the historical wayside.

anonymous crovo said...

Setting up winterblueky was easy but keeping it fresh and current I expect to be more challenging. I hope we aren't graded on that.

on AIM as pelesdad

Beth said...

Lynne: It's been so long since I established my AIM ID, the form has probably changed a lot. So I'm not certain of what's going on. One guess is that your proposed ID is taken already. But if your error is saying a required field is not filled in, you might just try again. Maybe it was a browser glitch. Maybe someone who just established an ID will have a better suggestion! If you're still stuck on Tuesday, please give me a call.

Gail K said...

Hi, everyone,

Just getting started today. Happy MLK Day to all!

Michelle Cosby said...


Here is my blog:


Mary Molinaro said...

Hi all,
My blog is http://digiville.blogspot.com/

My AIM screen name is mhmolinaro

Have a good day!

Kate said...

My AIM screen name is KFelines4. This is a very confusing site for me. All I seem to be able to do is log myself off unintentionally. And I would rate the help at this site at minus

Alex Grigg said...


I've had a work blog for a bit, but since it's not accessible from outside of Lexmark's intranet I created a new one:


Alex Grigg said...

I have a ton of IM IDs from various sources. You're most likely to find me on Google Talk as:


I went ahead and set up an AIM ID as well even though I'm a big anti-fan of AOL:


Becky said...

Hello. My blog spot is "Becky's Blue Blog.

historiana said...

Nothing like procrastination and lots of ILL requests to get a girl combining all of her tasks into one post! Ok, I think I have everything finished:
Library Wisdom
AIM chat: historiana72
MSN IM: historiana

As a side note, I haven't had time to connect yet with co-workers in the chat...but so many are participating that it's hard to really look at blogs and ids...maybe that can be a focus for the "play" weeks?
Cheri aka historiana

Beth said...

Question for Kate: Which site are you having trouble with? I assume you mean something about IM maybe?

Sharon said...

Hi - I guess it better late than never.

Just set up my blog at


kaka said...

See me at http://blahblahblahgblog.blogspot.com/

RJ said...

OK, this is now the 3rd time I've tried to send this message and if it doesn't work this time I give up as I am not one to be challenged only frustrated by technology that doesn't work for me the way it should (or the way I think it should work)!!!

My blog is http://kizspot.blogspot.com however there's nothing in it yet. I just signed up for Blue 2.0 yesterday.


Toni said...

I just finished setting up my AIM account and my screen name is ToniGreider. Hope to chat with some of you.


LibBlue said...

Just set up my AIM account -- I too am NOT a fan of AOL. My AIM account name is

Laura Davison

RJ said...

My AIM screen name is kykizcat.

Heather said...

My blog is http://toomanypost-its.blogspot.com. I'd better make my AIM name something with procrastinator in the title...

Heather said...

And my AIM is FineArtsHeather.

Daniel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel said...

So now I guess the trick is going to be writing general interest stuff and not just complaints about course reserves.

This is the blog

And if you want to reach me by AIM, my username is FineArtsDaniel. I may respond eventually.

Lynne said...

I finally have an AIM account. It is lbbowman2. Lesson: Don't capitalize the word verification even if the letters look like they are uppercase.

mhines said...

Hello all,

I'm a bit late getting started on this since I've been a bit tied up with "work" stuff. (What are they thinking keeping us busy and stuff???) At any rate, I didn't want to flunk out before I even get started, so here it goes! My blog is:

I haven't created my AIM account yet, so I'll be back with that later. I actually prefer Yahoo IM, so my screen name for that is mirandayg.

--Miranda Hines

mhines said...

OK, I now have an AIM screen name... are you ready???

It's "reservesqueen". Lol! How appropriate! This is fun! ;)

Jennifer Mattern said...

I forgot to post last week that my AIM screen name is jjsmattern.

Someone try to chat with me this week and see if it works. Terri did last week, but I wasn't on the list of completed chatters this week...maybe I failed!

redcrow said...

this is crazy!!!!!
this is my blog's site

Mr. Pinkerton said...

Good Afternoon everyone!

My AIM is PinkertonsPost

Ryan V.

Teresa Burgett said...

My blog is about an American author. Answer the trivia question if you can and I will launch another piece of trivia.

Teresa Burgett said...

Teresa B's blog is called: genestrattonporter.blogspot.com

Peter Hesseldenz said...

My Aim screen name is Fiftymix

and my blog is called:

50 Mix Lounge

located conviently at:


Anonymous said...

I have now created a AIM screen name it is Knitter1228.

The next step in to start adding people to the buddy list.


Becky Ryder said...

I set up my AIM account as "Becky Preservati". I intended to be "Becky Preservation" in the style of "heather Fine Arts", but the field did not have sufficient characters. So here I am with wonderful, exotic handle with the accent decidedly on the third syllable. Zemkat told me it rhymes with "illuminati" so that's not all bad. Can you think of other rhyming words? If so, I'll comment about them on Kopana's "what's in a name" blog.

Rick said...

Good evening! I am just attempting my first blog creation so please be patient with me. Go to http://rabblue.blogspot.com/ for a look at a beginner's site. A blog can be a vehicle for commuication and I can see some possible applications of using one.

Rick said...

I did, tho with frustration, create my AIM account. It was frustrating because every name I selected was already in use, which I find hard to believe. Nonetheless, I assigned myself MCbrewerboy. Kinda silly, I know, but I was just about ready to give up when this name was surprisingly accepted. Watch for me online!

Mary said...

My AIM screen name is GeologyMary

Lyndz said...

Well, better late than never! :)

This is Lyndsey Calico, and my blog can be found at


My Yahoo IM is:

My AIM is:

I use trillian as well, so you can plug in either one! :)

Mary G said...

Hi Jen help me get in so now whoever wants can chat with me. I told her I would be the hardest student she has ha ha send me a emai if you want have a nice day

JDB said...

Hey everybody, late, but here. My blog is at:


My AIM is jessebrasher

Marie said...

Hello trying to get a comment thru

Marie said...

Here is my blog address skylamarie@blogspot.com and my Aim info is marie dale62

Becky Ryder said...

What does AIM stand for anyway? Do they gloss the acronym anywhere....terms of use pages do not count.

Martha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martha said...

My blog is;

My AIM is;

Lyndz said...

If I'm not mistaken, AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger.

At least, it's as good a guess as any! :)

Jan said...

Good day, my blog is chemphyslibrary and my AIM name is Jyttrium Going to try Meebo next as I talked to someone from another university yesterday who likes Meebo a lot.

Jan Carver

Jen Bartlett said...

Lyndz is right, AIM stands for "AOL Instant Messenger." In honor of our learning about wikis next week, here's a Wikipedia article about AIM.

scubadude said...

I am a technology dinosaur, so setting up an IM was not easy. Besides, I'm a guy and we don't need no stinkin' instructions, and don't read them anyway. My IM name is rocgradsyd (after having tried twenty-two names, all of which were taken, I decided to combine parts of my three aussies names, a sure winner). So, who wants to chat, eh?

Bev said...

I think I did the blog thing! Cool! My blog is at http://clinrefavl.blogspot.com/
Now on to the AIM. Talk to you later!

Kathryne said...

Here's my blog: http://katfevre.blogspot.com/

Didn't take too long to set up but I have spent an hour reading everyone's posts and checking out all your blogs. I am learning all sorts of new and interesting things :)

Thomcub said...

good morning and hello everyone!
Just started getting all this Blue 2.0 stuff done and setup.

here's my blog

RC said...

I have done my blog. I invite everyone to come and see my new grandbaby at this site;

Jen Bartlett said...

What an adorable baby, RC --congratulations! When you get a chance, please send me an e-mail so that I can make sure you get credit for your blog (I can't find your name on it anywhere).

There might be a problem with your blog's URL -- if anyone is having problems, try http://nenaw.blogspot.com.

Mary Vaughn said...

This is my new blog. The address is http://marymardigras.blogspot.com

Mary Vaughn

Anonymous said...

This is Amelie Charron, my blog is:


My AIM account is:


I gave up trying to find a name and let AIM choose one for me.

Miss Mother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomcub said...

also forgot to post that my AIM is

I know its not close to my name on here, but as I had a previous AIM name.. I thought it would be too much to make another one.

Charlott said...


now I'm Charlott. Sounds more adult. I'll keep plugging along.

Charlott said...

My blog is at:


I hope it is, that is

Bev said...

Did the Chat. Rita and I had fun! (Maybe too much!) We sent messages,smiley faces and even web page links!

rc said...

I found instant messaging interesting. Setting up the account took longer that it should have. I could find a screen name.
I did find some friends on line and did get to chat with a co-worker. Finding the time to do this would be good. If anyone wants to chat screen name rcytobin.

Bev said...

OOpps! My screen name for AIM is: clinref

Judy_W said...

hope you're having a great day,
My blog is:

Silky said...

Here is the URL for my proto-blog:


My chat ID is set upon WindowsLive Messenger but it is restricted to my Hotmail contacts list. If you'd like to chat, send me an e-mail from the Hotmail.com link at the top of my blog and I will set you up for chat permissions. Thanks!

Karen Zeibak said...

Hi everyone!

My blog is: http://karensukblue2blog.blogspot.com and my AIM name is shopper618.

Patty said...


Martha said...


I like the animal feeds. And I'm not sure if this will even work.

Michelle Cosby said...


Michelle Cosby said...

...and here is my post about Wikis

Michelle Cosby said...


Anonymous said...

I have completed the first assignment for this go round. I have an Blogline account an a couple of feeds. I added this blog, New Urban Legends, The Shifted Librarian, Reuters Top News and a couple of friends. I haven't read enough blogs to recommend one yet. Have fun fellow Blue 2s

RJ said...

In earlier posts I had indicated that I was unsure of the work value of a blog-at least of my personal one. I was talking to Brad and Kelly at the Young Reference Desk one day and thanks to their comments decided to create another blog for the Young Reference Desk. We're going to try to use it as a communication tool the way we did the old spiral bound notebook. We would put notes about class assignments, equipment problems, etc. in the notebook and everyone would (theoretically) scan it each time they came on the desk. A blog would make it much easier to scan given the fact than many individuals lack basic handwriting skills (me among them to my mother's great dismay).

So we have a blog http://youngrefdesk.blogspot.com/
and Stacey is in the process of enabling all Young Ref Desk workers to post to it as well as other fancy and functional features-HA! Already I have posted something I found out about wireless connectivity (Thanks Kelly) in Young and a homework assignment (Thanks Brad) and Rob says he has 2 things he wants to add as soon as permissions are finished. So, I am happy because lots of people have told me that this is a great idea and it appears it might be beneficial as a work tool which kinda sorta makes it worthwhile.

Gwen said...

Completed the Bloglines and RSS activity without too much difficulty. See my blog entry at

Margie Plarr said...


I'm happy to join the new blog group. Here's my address: http://feathermaraine.blogspot.com/

Valerie said...

I set up my AIM account on Friday but forgot to post it here. My AIM screen name is KyAgLib

Yes, I am 'aiming' for consistency!

I tried talking to my Buddies, but no one was online tonight. Maybe I will try again tomorrow. My days have been to busy to work on Blue 2.0, esp during SLA Conference last week....

Anonymous said...

My AIM screen name is batllolib.


Mary said...

You can view the comments I wrote on my blog concerning creating a Bloglines account and adding feeds can be seen at: http://earthswonders.blogspot.com/

Meier Douglas said...

My RSS is done.



RJ said...

I finished my RSS feed too.
You can read my comments at


I tried to make this clickable but I dont think I did the right HTML. It told me it couldn't be accepted and my Tag was broken.

Oh well, that's what cutting and pasting is for.

Charlott said...

can you put the participant names in aplphbetical order?

my photo is on my profile. How to I make it show up near my comments?

I'm confused. will try again tomorrow.

Peggy said...

I have created my blogline account. It was not hard, just took a few minutes to figure out. Peggy

anonymous crovo said...

finished part 1 of week 3. see my comments on http://winterblueky.blogspot.com/2008/01/week-3.html

Pat SW said...

Finally did my blog.

Peggy said...

I have created my wiki. It is at http://myfavorrecipes.pbwiki.com/Jamaican-Curry-Chicken-or-Beef

stacey.greenwell said...

Hi everyone,

It's easier for us to keep track of things if you post your Week 3 & 4 URLs to the Week 3 & 4 post. (Likewise once we start Weeks 4 & 5). I hadn't been checking here for comments so I'll try to address anything that has cropped up from Weeks 3 & 4. Thanks for participating and chat with you soon!

stacey.greenwell said...

Sarah has created a post with all the staff blogs so far listed. Several of you had requested this (and it's easier for us to keep track of things too!). So you might want to run through them and subscribe to the blogs of some of your colleagues.

Cindy said...

Hi All,
The posts about the RSS feeds and Wikis can be found at:


I survived Wikis.

Carol Pitts Diedrichs said...

Hi -- I'm a little late but I've now started my blog which is ukdeansupdate@blogspot.com

Stacey, Beth and I had been talking about my converting my Dean's update to a blog for a while so this is a good time to experiment.


Kate said...

Here is my blog URL - http://librarychats.blogspot.com/feeds/8545379563129846135/comments/default for an RSS feed. I think I got this in the right place.

stacey.greenwell said...

hi all,

I've created an OPML file which includes all of the library staff blogs. If you want to subscribe to all of them, you just need to import the OPML file into Bloglines. If you are interested in doing this, let me know.

Jan said...

Posting my comments about bloglines and rss feeds


Carol Pitts Diedrichs said...

Now I have my AIM name -- it's carolpdiedrichs

Carol Pitts Diedrichs said...

My bloglines post can be found at http://ukdeansupdate.blogspot.com/2008/02/blue-20-rss-feeds.html


Carol Pitts Diedrichs said...

I did not create a new wiki since I have already been using one extensively since Sept 2007. My blog post provides more detail at http://ukdeansupdate.blogspot.com/2008/02/blue-20-wikis.html


Jan said...

Here is the URL to my blog about wikis. Lots of fun and interesting.


Meier Douglas said...

My wiki is complete --check my blog at anyunfolding.blogspot.com

Meier Douglas said...

My wiki link is at


Kathryne said...

I never did post my AIM screen name. It is katfevre73

Judy_W said...

Well, if it's true that "SLOW and steady wins the race"...at the pace I'm completing my Blue 2.0 activities, I should win a blue ribbon! This really IS a great program and I am very grateful for Blue 2.0 and the opportunity to learn all these new things.

My AIM screen name is:

wednesdayperson said...

Hey, there. Better late than never!

See my blog at http://wednesdaypeople.blogspot.com/.

wednesdayperson said...

Since I didn't want to add yet ANOTHER account to my list, I decided to go with Meebo and use what I already have. My screen names are as follows:

Yahoo: ctzavos
MSN: ctzavos@hotmail.com
Gtalk: kimacho@gmail.com

Feel free to chat with me!

TheBookFairy said...

Here is my link to my blog on RSS and Bloglines:

TheBookFairy said...

Here is the link to the Wiki that Amanda and I collaborated on for the MCL ILL dept.
Amanda says:

batllo said...

The link to my wiki is on my blog:

Michelle Cosby said...


Mary said...

Second try to post a comment. First one did not go through.

Mary said...

My blog is at beeutifulcreatures.blogspot.com

Mary said...

Hi, all. My IM address is MryMssg. Mary Mc

Marie said...

This is marie I have just finished the bloglines part thanks to the help of Ben

Marie said...

Just got my wiki done my wiki name is thewildmickeywiki

Marie said...

Yes I have done my del.icio.us account one more thing to do to catch up

Michelle said...

Here is my blog for play week activity 1

Michelle said...

Play week activity #2

Michelle said...

Links to my blog posts for weeks 9&10



Michelle said...

Thanks Blue 2.0!

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